Memory Stick Project

Kharkams and Kimberley, Northern Cape Province

CraftSouthAfrica was contracted by Conservation International (CI) to develop a craft enterprise for historically disadvantaged individuals in Kharkams, Northern Cape Province. An income generation project was established around the production of Memory Sticks made from alien vegetation. A further contract was awarded by the National Development Agency (NDA) for the training of crafters in Kimberley.
In both of these trainings, Byron Qually of ...XYZ Design and Leonard Shapiro of CraftSouthAfrica worked together on training the crafters to make Memory Sticks to an exacting quality standard.

The alien vegetation used is supplied by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry’s Working for Water Programme (DWAF/WFW). Funding for these two development projects was provided by SKEPPIES through the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) and the National Development Agency (NDA) respectively.

...XYZ Design and CraftSouthAfrica have combined their respective strengths in the industrial design and craft sector to develop unique products that have market relevance.

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Press Releases

Conservation International Magazine, November 2007
- Memory Stick Xmas Gifts, 3 July 2007
- Hand-Craft Goes High-Tech in Rural Area

Mind Shift, August/September 2007
- Hand-craft goes hi-tech

Cape Times, 3 July 2007
- Crafty memory sticks create jobs

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Letters of reference

Letter of reference from Mr Steven Davids
SKEPPIES Project Manager - Conservation International

Memory Sticks

Memory Sticks made from Alien Vegetation